Insurance Services

MOBILE VIDEO Computing Solutions builds intelligent video telematic solutions under the CruiseCam™ brand name. Since 2000, we have continually engineered, developed and integrated a progression of mobile video, fleet tracking and management information technologies to provide financial benefits such as better operational efficiencies, lower operating costs, increased asset utilization to fleet Managers.


Before this, key staff members were responsible for commercial fleet insurance solutions through MOBILE VIDEO Insurance Services. As part of our heritage, dating back to 1987, we identified and developed automobile fleet insurance programs for industries facing difficult challenges in the insurance market.  We identified industries that had vehicles providing the same functions, resulting in characterizing them as similar risks.  In doing so, we created risk management/safety programs that addressed the critical nature of loss for that industry.  The resulting of those efforts resulted in building a client base with claims that fell well below the national average, giving insurance underwriters confidence to reduce rates.


Today, MOBILE VIDEO Computing Solutions uses both processes to provide a positive impact on the insurance-related coverages for the specific fleet by the use of Connected Vehicle technologies- telematics.  This unique experience directly ties the goals of the fleet operators with the insurance underwriters best criteria for providing more cost-effective insurance programs.


Using this rigorous adherence to a consistent and uniform risk management/safety program produces more significant results. Our Goal is to Improve Fleet Safety and Reduce Fleet Costs



Our Goal is to Improve Fleet Safety and Reduce Fleet Costs