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1. Monitoring Center

The MOBILE VIDEO Monitoring Center is dedicated to keeping our clients informed about their vehicles. Using our data in our monitoring center, our clients have the option of signing up for a MOBILE VIDEO Daily Report. This daily report is a great way to stay up-to-date with your vehicles cameras. 


2. Data Plans

Every CruiseCam package requires both a Cellular Data Plan and a Storage Plan. The data plan is necessary for any networked fleet management system that has live video streaming, real-time MDVR data acquisition, server upload, digital fleet communications and other wireless system features.


Our Storage Plans are based on automatic WiFi downloads from CruiseCam to either a cloud or an on-site server. You choose what file types to keep, either General  (recording activated by either ignition or clock set recordings) or Events (only alarm triggered recordings). You also choose how quickly you want to retrieve those files, either Rapid Access storage (real-time access) or Glacier storage (slower access).