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Are you a

Sprint Rep?

Welcome to a new world of

activations for connected vehicles.


  • We are a Sprint MSP.

  • We work with you under the Sprint teaming agreement.

  • Create new sales opportunities for existing accounts.

  • Earn new compensation for fleet equipment sales. 

  • Integrated services and processes between Smart Phones and Fleet Telematic services.

  • Reoccurring revenue SaaS sales model for qualified reps. 

  • Eligibility for Sprint financing. 

  • Provided strategic solutions, laser-focused on target markets and industries 

  • New sales opportunities toward affinity programs with associations and purchasing groups. 

  • Ability to sell Sprint cell phones and tablet devices within the Mobile Video marketplace.

  • Dedicated support and coordination from Mobile Video for all system installations. 

Product Video Library 

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Our Advantage


  • Provides the ability to verify equipment is functioning and operating daily.


  • Provide videos, snapshots and report templates for both reconstructing accidents and creating incident documents.



  • High capacity storage (1TB-4TB) on vehicles allows for long term data storage and file tagging for easy filtering and accessibility.  


  • Mobile Video offers complete operations control over the video monitoring system.


  • Provides extensions for additional feature customizations and functions.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Mobile Video has saved us a lot of time and money being able to see what is going on with our trucks. From the driver to the customer to the accident scene. Having reliable mobile video systems on our trucks, that can be viewed at our facility and on our mobile phones, has been great!" 

—  J. DeMarco, Business Owner

Quik Pik All Over Towing, Phoenix, AZ

Have you considered the positive factors of when video monitoring is part of your customer's overall risk management program? Contact our support team to learn more.

Our Product Ecosystem

The CruiseCam components include LTE, GPS, and Smart Phone integration.

Contact our support team to learn more about CruiseCam 

and how to order components for your clients. 

Vehicle Accident Reports

Our reports bring real-time video feeds, with multi-screen accessibility and image capture. 




The tow truck is stopped at an intersection,  the vehicle behind the tow truck is a distracted driver and unknowingly rear ends the tow truck.  The distracted driver claims the tow truck backed into them. MVCSOL CruiseCam™ Shows the Facts. “Real Life Replayed”  



The driver appears to be texting while stopped. Traffic to his left begins moving and he assumes the traffic in his lane is also moving but does not look up from this phone and rear ends the stopped vehicle in front of him.




This is a video-telematics report of an accident event. As a Mobile Video partner, your Sprint customers have full access to resources, training, and support to generate Incident Reports. Your partnership plays a key role in helping customers gain insights and maximize business savings with our industry-leading monitoring solutions. 


Get a complete report from Mike. 



Field of Use Systems

Ask your customers the right questions to learn if they have a real-time video solution for fleet management. Our Field of Use Systems technology is integrated inside our video monitoring services to ensure safety and productivity for drivers. 

Request an early demo of the Mobile Video Crash App. Harness the Field of Use Systems on-demand, and from any device. 


Sales and Monitoring Support

We are excited to make our new Sprint Partner Program available nationwide. Our staff is ready to support Sprint Reps. and their customers. Join us and bring your questions!

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Phone: +1 (248) 943-9460

Email: mike.romolino@mvcsol.com

Monitoring Support

Mike Romolino

Our Sprint Partner Program is for Sprint Representatives that want to grow by providing Mobile Video Monitoring Solutions to their customers and network. We provide all Sprint members with the best tools and sales and marketing resources to sell CruiseCam.


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